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Giving is NOT always kindness

As much as #SecondChances strives to inspire generosity and kindness in our community, we also carry the responsibility to protect those that give.

Last week we received a call from one of our supporters, Sabrina, to say she had met a young man, Shepard, who sobbed as he told her of his plight on the streets and that he had found a place he could rent for R300 a month. A small garage, nothing fancier than a concrete floor with a roof and door.

Immediately she felt sorry for him and emptied out her purse to give him the R300. He was so excited and thankful to her for giving him a home.

Yesterday he called her. He wanted her to speak to his new “landlord”. The “landlord” seemed to be intoxicated and made very little sense, only requesting more money because Shepard had found a job but needed more money to renew his papers urgently. Suspicions raised, Sabrina called #SecondChances.

We received another call yesterday afternoon from a follower named Josh. Josh had just come back from a walk at the James & Ethel Gray Park in Melrose where he met a young man named Shepard who sat crying as he told Josh about his plight of sleeping in the freezing cold park at night with no warm clothes or blankets. Shepard expressed his deep desire for a job and spoke about a potential place to stay, a garage, for just R200 a month (Josh is relieved now that he got the cheaper price) and Josh called us to see if we could help on the job front.

Sadly for Josh and Sabrina, their kindness and generous spirit was taken advantage of. Sadly for us, most of us are tricked everyday to feel shame and guilt and help those who seem to be in desperate need. Even sadder for those who really do need our help, who really would use the assistance to turn their lives around, as by the time we get to them, we are jaded…

This post is not to deter you from giving, nor to turn you away from the hundreds of thousands of people who DO need help, but to educate you in giving with wise compassion as well as to make sure you dont pay for Shepard’s rent a third time in as many days.

Please consider signing up to support organisations like #SecondChances who have the resources to use your money in the way it was intended by you.

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