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Summary: We urgently need a room and money to help pay rent for Shawn!

Shawn is now seven months clean. He is doing so well at work, making new friends, is dedicated to his recovery and is working on himself daily (read his story).

I can’t even begin to tell you all the difficulties he has faced since leaving rehab. Yet, each time, Shawn faces it head-on, determined to remain on the right path of his new life.

A few weeks ago, Shawn was stabbed in the arm and face by a group of men who were harassing him. The stab wounds were bad, and he received emergency care. Although he had dozens of stitches, and was in a lot of pain, he was determined to get back to work and not let this affect him.

Yesterday the men came back.

Shawn was stabbed in the neck with a broken glass bottle. The motive? Jealousy.

His sobriety is not being celebrated – they want him back, and the intimidation is getting worse. Shawn is currently lying in a hospital, struggling to recover.

Please help us keep Shawn’s second chance alive!

We are urgently looking for a safer place for him to stay. He cannot return to Alex. If you have a room for rent near Rivonia or in the surrounding areas, please contact us urgently. Shawn is willing to work on a Sunday for reduced rental.

We would greatly appreciate any monetary donations so that we are able to secure a room as soon as he is discharged.

Update: Shawn just moved into his new home, with our help we assisted in paying his first month’s rent and deposit. We are still collecting donations for the necessaties such as a bed, stove etc

Why dollars? To collect donations, we use PayPal, which functions in dollars. We have converted the most common dollar denominations for you below, based on an exchange rate of R14 for $1. Please note: this is an estimation. PayPal will provide you with the actual conversion rate.
Dollars Rands
$10 R140
$20 R280
$50 R700

Bank transfer information

Should you wish to do a direct transfer instead, please use the bank details below.

Bank: First National Bank

Account: 625 7298 5392

Branch: 250 655

For international transfers, please contact us.