Help ‘pull up’ Zwane from security guard to personal trainer!

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Help ‘pull up’ Zwane from security guard to personal trainer!

Date: 1 August 2016:

In June we posted the heart warming plight of Zwane, a security guard with the dream of being a personal trainer, with your generosity and an incredible bursary offer by Paul Leammle from eta College for an online course in personal training Zwane’s dream is coming true!

The course is online, and therefore Zwane is in urgent need of a laptop, mouse, memory stick etc. Please consider donating to this incredible cause by clicking on the donate button…. We are so close!

Original Post Date: 08 June 2016: #SecondChances supporter Nina sent in this fantastic opportunity to help Zwane, a hard-working security guard, become a personal trainer. Let’s make his dream come true!

“A while ago, I would regularly arrive at the gate to my office in tears. Our security officer, Zwane, always managed to lift my spirits with his warm smile and enthusiasm for the beauty of life. This is how he is every single day. He always assures me that “we are blessed and highly favoured” – even when he is standing in the pouring rain.

I asked him the other day what was going on in his life, and I found out that his passion is to become a personal trainer. He has done two introductory courses at the Health & Fitness Professionals Academy, which cost him R10 000.

He aspires to do the Higher Certificate in Exercise Science, but is considering throwing in the towel because it costs R24 000 and he simply cannot afford it. He has managed to save almost half of that on his own working as a guard.

I think it would be the most awesome thing if we could help contribute towards his dream. I am putting in the first R100 today.

When the collection has been made, I promise to post Zwane’s reaction. I can’t wait!” – See the video below


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