Pam Green

At some point we all need a bit of help – together we can change the world!

Pam has always been different...

She struggled to fit in, until she started doing volunteer work at around 14 years old, and knew immediately that this was the type of work she was passionate about and wanted to do. Having not come from a privileged background herself, she knew that she would have to do this as a hobby in her spare time. Yet she kept helping, and hoped to one day win the lottery and do social upliftment as her full-time career.

Pam studied early childhood development, but had to drop out near the end of her diploma when she could no longer afford to study. She went to work doing odd jobs that could pay the rent. Soon she got a job as a teaching assistant, then as a teacher, and within a couple of years, the grade head teacher. She loved the kids and they loved her. After some years passed, Pam had to once again leave her passion behind to seek a better paying job. Even though almost 10 years have passed since then, she still keeps in touch with some of her past pupils, giving them words of encouragement and guidance.

As the years went by, Pam’s career in the corporate world took off. For the first time in her life she was financially comfortable. Following her dreams of travelling the world, and of course, helping those who could not help themselves. Every beggar in the neighbourhood knew they could ring her doorbell and receive a meal, or a new item of clothing.

And then things changed...

6d5c65f0f4b34ddca1ed14ef638e519dNear the end of 2013, Pam went through a very messy break-up. This left her homeless, penniless, jobless and hopeless. In a matter of weeks she went from having everything to nothing. With no family to turn to, this time it was Pam who needed help, desperately.

With the support of a few faithful friends, and a group of kind-hearted strangers, Pam had a couch or bed to sleep on for a couple of months. She was given food to eat. Emotional support. And a lawyer to help fight for her rights. As Pam stood in a courtroom wearing someone else’s clothing, with nothing to her name, she decided that she would not let this destroy her. That she would take this as a lesson to be kind to the desperate, to be compassionate to the weak, that with a little bit of kindness, even the fallen can rise again. And she rose.

The more she had, the more she helped others. And when she had less, she was even more aware of ways to give that did not necessarily require money. It was during this time that Pam discovered the real power of social media. Even if she did not always have money to give, she had her ‘friend’ list, and her ‘friends’ had ‘friends’. She thought that perhaps if she gave her time, and her platform, she might be able to facilitate help.

At the end of June 2015, Pam won the virtual lottery when one of her posts went viral. The world was watching and #SecondChances was born. Within 24 hours, Pam Green was able to secure a young, homeless beggar a job! Soon after, she managed to get him shelter, clothing, food, transport, toiletries, appliances and rehab.


Since then, Pam has started her adventure on the journey that is #SecondChances. She left her corporate job and is working full-time to create second chances for those who need them, as well as inspiring others to help through her guest appearances on radio, TV shows and features in various newspapers.

When you meet Pam Green, there is no mistaking the genuine passion that she exudes for helping others. Their plight becomes hers, and she will work through the night, pulling every string, following every lead, calling every contact until a second chance is achieved.

Who is Pam Green? If you ask her she will tell you: “I’m just a regular person trying to juggle work, being a mom, and adding a bit of kindness along the way.”

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