The people behind #SecondChances

Charity Directors

Leor Atie

Leor is a successful entrepreneur with experience in highly successful start-up businesses, as well as venture capital and private equity. He obtained his Chartered Accounting degree from Wits University and completed his articles at PKF.

Pam Green

When you meet Pam Green, there is no mistaking the genuine passion that she exudes for helping others. Their plight becomes hers, and she will work through the night, pulling every string, following every lead, calling every contact until a second chance is achieved.

Nicole Ben Shushan

Nicole has an IMM and a diploma in fashion marketing, with a background in interior design. Nicole believes that making a difference in someone’s life requires more than just a once-off donation – the difference comes when you can provide that person with a starting point, and the necessary tools to begin providing for themselves.



Shereen Markowitz
Spread the Bread

I am privileged and grateful to be part of this amazing and beneficial project which we hold monthly. I look forward to many more sandwich making sessions, as well as helping with all the other people that Pam assists.

Kemishi Kubjana
Twice as New

Kemishi Kubjana is a single mom who was struggling to find employment. She joined our team to assist in creating jobs for others. Kemishi makes sure that all clothing is sorted, priced and ready to go. She believes that everyone can turn their lives around.