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To give or not to give? 

Con artists or desperately in need? Whatever the status of the beggars who pull at our heart strings at traffic lights, authorities say citizens should channel their coins elsewhere.

Pam – Second Chances @ Humans of SA

I am just a normal person, juggling work and being a mom to my gorgeous 10 year old son, and trying to make the world an easier place for as many people as possible. I’m a complete free-spirit, a gypsy soul. I love travelling, getting to know different people and their cultures.

Hundreds Help Homeless Man In South Africa Find A Job

Pam Green found 22-year-old Joseph Phukube begging for a job in Sandton, South Africa. She posted Phukube’s story online and asked a few friends to help out. The Facebook post – and response – went viral.

I had given up on life, says beggar

A few days ago, Joseph Phukube was one of scores of South Africans who beg at street corners in Johannesburg, but on Monday the bright young man starts his first job.

Homeless street kid gets job

Instead of begging for money, Joseph Phukube begged for a job. He never imagined that someone would actually stop and take notice. Today Pam Green and Joseph work together to give more street children exposure hoping that they too, get a second chance.

How [a] woman turned [a] beggar’s life around

Joseph Phukube was begging at an intersection. But he wasn’t begging for money or food. He was holding his CV and begging for a job.

1000 offers for homeless job seeker

Joseph Phukube, a homeless man who took to the streets of Johannesburg with his matric certificate with the hope of finding a job, has received more than 1 000 replies and job offers after images of him went viral on social media.

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