11058151_681321655331658_4924603404139103336_nOriginal Facebook post: 14 July 2015

Meet Noluthando

This is Noluthando. She is a beauty pageant winner! All little girls – myself included – dreamt of one day winning Miss South Africa, wearing the crown, waving excitedly at the cheering audience … For Noluthando, the dream didn’t end there – she is determined to make it a reality!

Asking for a #SecondChance

Noluthando was a finalist at the Mr and Miss Africa, where she was to represent South Africa. Unfortunately, her dream had to be placed on hold as her single mother simply could not afford to supply everything she needed, such as shoes and dresses.

Are there any boutiques out there who would like to be Noluthando’s sponsor? Or perhaps you have some exceptional dresses hanging in your cupboard to donate?

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Noluthando is still entering pageants – and is making quite a name for herself in the industry!

How #SecondChances helped: With the help of celebrity Jen Su, we were able to get Noluthando brand new dresses, accessories and shoes. Jen Su took her on a mini shopping spree, and we joined her on her radio show on Cliff Central.