12032116_716550148475475_5807798678317908879_nOriginal Facebook post: 1 October 2015

Meet Rosinah

This is Rosinah! She is unemployed.

Rosinah reached out to #‎SecondChances a little while ago. Although she had secured a few interviews for reception and admin work, she had not been successful, and the feedback she received was that she did not look the part.

“I am wearing my best clothes. I can’t afford anything new.”

Taking her #SecondChance

Rosinah is trying her best, doing everything she can. Not only does she look after her own family, but she also looks after others in her community who cannot afford to eat.

With the help of charity Acts of Love, we were able to provide Rosinah with a few new outfits for her to wear to interviews, and hopefully, soon, to work.

Good luck Rosinah, looking forward to good news soon!

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Update: Rosinah has been working for a company for three months and has just been signed as a permanent employee. She has received an exciting increase too!

How #SecondChances has helped: We assisted in giving Rosinah clothing, as well as sent out her CV to various companies, one of which employed her. We also assisted with transport money.

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