10342447_721284958001994_8717726107303766101_nOriginal Facebook post: 16 October 2015

Meet Shawn

This is Shawn and Carla. Shawn is a car guard at Carla’s place of work. He is homeless and a nyaope addict. On Monday, when Carla messaged me to tell me about Shawn, I was instantly reminded of Joseph. Here was a homeless man, an addict, begging for a second chance!

I learnt so much from my experience with Joseph. We all did. So I thought “Let’s take those lessons and see if we can create a second chance better than we did before!”

How could we help?

After receiving Carla’s message, I contacted a shelter/addiction treatment facility and discussed Shawn with them. Being the incredible facility they are, they informed me that his treatment would cost a mere R2,500 per month and that fortunately they had a bed available for him.

Very excited by this, I contacted Carla and told her I would try to raise the funds needed and asked if she could do the same. Without any hesitation, she told me that she would cover the amount, if need be, for the three months of his stay! I could not believe the generosity, and we quickly made plans for Shawn to be collected in the coming days.

Taking his #SecondChance

12295500_785151431615346_7618814105543021443_n On Wednesday, we told Shawn that he could finally stop begging, and that he would be collected the following morning by Alfred from Thames House. All he needed to do was show up.

Carla and I spent the next 24 hours worrying. Would Shawn take this opportunity? Would he be there in the morning? Did he really want this? Was he ready? We prayed, we hoped and we waited ...

At 9.30am, Shawn was there! He was nervous, anxious, but most of all, excited for his new journey. He climbed in the car – and took the first step to the rest of his life!

Thank you Carla, thank you Thames House, and good luck Shawn! I will keep everyone updated on his journey. Let’s do this better, let’s do this together!

If anyone would like to make a donation towards Shawn’s toiletries, clothing, medications, etc. over the next few months, please contact Pam Green #SecondChances.

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Shawn is six months clean. He is still taking part in an outpatient recovery programme, and has learnt dog grooming skills. He is thriving at his new job at Pimp My Pup!

How #SecondChances has helped: We have collected clothing, toiletries and food for Shawn. His rehab has been paid for, and we continue to support him by visiting him at the rehab, and attending group sessions.