Original Facebook post: 24 November 2015

Meet Simon

Last week, I had the great pleasure of talking to one of our followers. She told me the story of Simon:

“I met Simon one afternoon, outside the Boskruin Veterinary Clinic. I was coming out of the clinic with my two little fur babies when Simon approached me, offering his services as a dog minder/walker. Before he even greeted me, he bent down and gave my dogs cuddles and attention. The fact that my usually sceptical and nervous older dog took to him immediately and trusted him enough to touch and pet her, already showed me that Simon had a kind and special nature about him.

It has been over 2 years since my first encounter with Simon and he has been walking my dogs 2 to 3 days a week since then. He has never been late, nor missed a walk with his ‘friends’ in those 2 years. In fact, when my little pup went in for a knee operation, Simon was adamant that he would come with me to the vet so that he could hold and comfort her in the car. He then went on to make sure that for the full duration of her week recovery period, he stayed with her at my house while I was at work to watch that she didn’t run, jump or over-exert her leg or knee to ensure her full and successful recovery. He has been nothing but an angel to me.

An inspiring teacher

Simon worked as a teacher back home in Malawi with his brother. Along with missionaries, they were able to build a basic building for the children to have classes. Simon then focused on teaching the children to read, write and learn English. He initially moved to SA with a dream of finding a job that would help him send money back home to his family, while saving up enough money to buy a small fishing boat in Malawi. This would enable him to start a small fishing business to earn income to feed his family, and also put money into growing the school further, and being able to buy more school books, materials and so forth.

Xenophobic attacks

Simon had been in South Africa for 2 years. He was doing so well, but then the xenophobic attacks started happening and he lost his job as a security guard for safety reasons. He then needed to start using his savings in order to send money home to his family, and cover his rent, food and living costs here. I have tried helping Simon find employment and have managed to find him piece jobs here and there, yet nothing has been long term or sustainable. He is currently working as a cleaner for a panel beater and is earning R400 for working 6 full days a week.”

Taking his #SecondChance

If there is anyone who would be interested in interviewing Simon for a permanent job, or would like to donate towards his goal of raising R20,000 to buy a fishing boat and move back to Malawi, please contact us.

#SecondChances #WeAreAllAfrican #HelpSimon


Simon has completed his training, and we can officially congratulate him on being hired as the new kennel assistant at the Riverclub Vet!

How #SecondChances has helped: We sent Simon’s CV to prospective employers, which we sourced through our Facebook post. We also assisted with his transport costs to work for the first month, and gave him a food voucher.