IMG-20150710-WA0004Original Facebook post: 10 July 2015

Meet Theo

This is Theophilus (Theo)! He is a preacher. He collects donations so he can buy food to give to the homeless living in a nearby park. At night, Theo erects a small tent under the bus shelter on Rivonia Road (in Johannesburg), and calls this home – Theo is homeless too.
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Good Samaritans

Theo eats when he is lucky enough to be given food. He feels blessed to have met Danielle and Jeff Afriat of Innate Coaching Solutions and Jeff Irvine Afriat Attorneys respectively, as they provide him with toiletries, food, a place to shower, and internet access on an ongoing basis to try help him in his search for a job. Unfortunately, they are not able to hire him, and reached out to #SecondChances for help.

Finding a #SecondChance

You might have seen Theo while visiting Burger King on Rivonia Road. He stands at the robot there, sharing the word of G-d and sending blessings to those in need, all his possessions sitting next to him. Theo is the most giving man I have met in a long time. His dream is to open a catering company providing high-quality, healthy, inexpensive food that everyone can afford. Although he only has a Grade 11 education, he is completely computer literate and would love an office job doing admin, typing, filing, etc.

Can we give him a #SecondChance so that he can continue giving those around him a second chance?

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Unfortunately, Theo lost his job opportunity as he was dealing with psychological issues, and was not able to conform to the requirements of employment. He is still on the streets, and has regrettably refused further assistance at this time.

How #SecondChances has helped: We assisted Theo in finding employment at a food outlet, Krunch, as well as provided counselling.