Original Facebook post: 4 March 2016

Meet Victor

Yesterday, we received a very emotional call from Victor, who could not control his tears. This is the email Victor sent us after the call, as it was too difficult to understand his needs through the tears:

“My name is Osokogu Precious Victor. I am 26 years old, born to the family of the late Mr and Mrs Godwin Osokogu. I am from Delta State in Nigeria.

479702_775701525893670_1988604403553318989_n I came to South Africa on 5 February 2014. Before I came, I left my most caring mother who saw me through my education, and who sacrificed everything for me just to make sure I could be somebody in life. My father passed away when I was three years old. I never knew him, and my mother was the one who played the role of a father to me. She was everything I had. I left my mother with my four-year-old daughter Sylvia for her to take care of.

Last week, my mother phoned to tell me that she was sick and had to go to the hospital. I told her to go and I spoke to the doctor treating her, and also prayed and asked God to heal my mother for me.

A tragic loss

Just two days ago at about 6am, my phone rang and the doctor told me my only sweet, caring mother had passed away. I am so devastated it seems the world has just ended and I fainted. The people I am staying with revived me. My four-year-old daughter was crying on the phone too. I never knew my daughter felt the pain inside me too.

In our tradition in Nigeria, the first son is the one to bury the mother and take on all the responsibilities. The casket, the traditional rituals that will be performed before they bury her will be my responsibility. If my uncles, who have not asked after us since I lost my mother, bury my mother over there, they will take all the property my father left for us, including our plantation farm and house.

Asking for a #SecondChance

I plead to #SecondChances and the general public to help me afford my flight ticket to Nigeria on the 20th of this month to go and pay my last respects to my mother and lay her to rest, and take care of my daughter too. My daughter Sylvia is the only one I have now. My late mother Alice was the one taking care of her, seeing her through her education as I am not in Nigeria. I pray in the name of our saviour Jesus Christ that those who help an orphan like me, their pockets will never run dry and God will protect their families.

Thanks #SecondChances. I leave behind a few pictures of me and my mother and daughter."


The video says it all – I am crying as I write this! The biggest thank you to everyone who donated, shared, commented, or liked the posts. Thank you for trusting our organisation and Victor with your money!

No words can express the gratitude I have to Holiday Aviation’s GM Greg Fuller & RwandAir Consultants Michel Anjinho & Aislinn Banks! Thank you for keeping your offices open late on a Friday afternoon to make sure that a stranger could fly tomorrow. You are such beautiful humans!

Victor is going home!

#‎SecondChances #‎PayItForwardSA #‎BeTheChange #‎HelpVictor

How #SecondChances has helped: Through our Facebook posts, we managed to raise enough money to purchase an airline ticket for Victor to attend his mother’s funeral in Nigeria, and fetch his daughter. We also assisted with the associated travel costs in Nigeria.

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